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Howdy, Paw lovers!

Welcome to MyPetDoggie (MPD)- It’s a place where dog owners and aspiring dog owners can find various tips & tricks as well as techniques that I have learned over the years to live a happier, healthier life with our dogs..

With the help of this blog, I want to share all my experiences with an ever-growing community of dog owners.

MyPetDoggie started with Hope

I never thought that dogs would become an integral part of my family until 30th September 2012, the day and the year that has become a significant part of my family. I started this blog dedicating it to my first pet doggie lovingly remembered as Hope.

As I was walking towards my friend’s place on a bright sunny day, I saw something near the garbage dump, from far it looked like a kid playing with a white ball. When I reached a little closer, my heart skipped a beat to see that it wasn’t a white ball instead, it was a newborn puppy. I quickly went up to the kid and gave him some money to get some chocolates for himself so that I can take the puppy from him. I quickly took him to a vet who told me that it was too late and the puppy won’t survive, I refused to accept it and took him to my home and tried feeding the puppy some milk with a syringe and by gods grace he survived. We named him Hope because he taught us that one should never lose hope.

He has been the reason for happiness for my family and me during tough times and has played the role of a father to our two new additions in the family named Dexter and Walter, who are Labradors. Dexter and Walter joined our family on 30th September 2015, the same day when Hope came to our family.

Hope left us on 12th August 2018 due to a silent heart attack but will be alive in our hearts forever.

After all these years of sharing my life with these most beautiful loyal creatures, I wish that they lived as long as we live.

I have come across many cases of owners abusing their dogs or just abandoning them on the street just because they didn’t think twice before being a pet parent, and perhaps this is also one of the reasons for starting this blog so that I can do my part by helping to reduce such cases.

About Harsh Gupta

I studied my MBA in Marketing & Finance. I have worked as a Client relationship and business developer in a startup Healthcare IT company for about four months and then shifted to EY GDS, one of the big 4’s in accounting company as a Tax analyst for six months to realize that it wasn’t right for me. Instead of wasting my time searching for another job, I thought of following my passion for dogs and begin my journey as a pet blogger.

With this blog, I will share my knowledge, experiences, and tips and tricks that I have learned all these years.

I live in Bengaluru, India, with my buddy Dexter, while Walter is back home with my parents, and Hope is everywhere in our hearts. Writing and sharing my knowledge with my friends and families is something I enjoy doing. I like to think a lot, and I love cars, coffee, exploring places, DIY’s and, of course, dogs!

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