My pet doggies...

Hope | Dexter | Walter

My pet doggie_hope


My first pet doggie, aka Hope, who is the motivation behind this blog has taught me so many things about the doggy world. He has made me a responsible pet parent and will always have a place in my heart. You can know more about how Hope came to our family under ABOUT

My pet doggie_dexter


Dexter is a Labrador that I got from one of my friends. I got Dexter on 30th September 2015, the same day when Hope came to our family. He is the laziest person I have ever come across, but I try my level best to keep his weight under control with proper exercise and nutrition. Dexter has taught me a lot about nutrition and the importance of exercise, along with a few medical conditions that I will be discussing on my blogs.

My pet doggie_walter


Walter joined our family along with Dexter on 30th September 2015. I believe he is a mix of Labrador and Great Dane. Walter was quite challenging to handle at the beginning because of his mixed traits, but now he is the most obedient and intelligent child of our family.