How to control dog shedding with few simple tips & tricks?

How to control dog shedding?

There is a reason why we call dogs as furry friends, furballs, etc. It is because they have fur all over their body, well at least for most of the parts. Having a furball is cute and lovable, but there is also another side to it, and that is shedding. Dogs tend to shed a lot of hair, and that is quite common unless there is a medical condition associated with it. The amount of hair a dog sheds depends on various factors like the type of breed, season, coat length, etc. Shedding is a normal process through which a dog gets rid of its damaged hair. There are various ways to control dog shedding, which I will be discussing in this article.

Comb regularly

Combing is perhaps the most crucial thing every pet owner should do irrespective of hair fall problem. Regular brushing or combing your dog is not only beneficial to counter hair fall, but it also helps to stimulate your furry friend’s hair follicles, thereby increasing the blood flow making it stronger and healthier.

Combing alone has a plethora of benefits on your dog’s overall health. Studies have shown that combing can help relieve stress, which is also a contributing factor for hair fall; it also improves the quality of sleep. Regular combing is also beneficial to counter ticks and fleas to some extent. So, comb your dog regularly, and I am sure your furry friend would appreciate it.


Most of us bath every day, not just to look and feel good, but it is also for hygiene purposes. Dogs are no exception when it comes to bathing. Bathing plays an essential role in keeping your dog happy, healthy, and active. Bathing helps to unclog pores, remove dirt and matted hair in your dog. Timely bathing can help prevent various skin diseases and save your pocket from all those expensive ointments and medicated shampoos.

Even though bathing is beneficial for your furry friend, but doing it every day or more frequently can do worse than good. Your dog’s skin is quite sensitive and has a layer of oil to prevent itself from all those harmful bacteria coming in direct contact with the skin, which can result in skin infections.

Bathing your dog every day can strip the skin from these essential oils, thereby resulting in an itchy and unhappy dog with a lot of hair fall issues.

Ideally, bathing once or twice a month should be good, given that you comb your dog regularly.

If you have a dog who gets dirty very often, then it would be a good idea to ask your vet and schedule the bathing cycles accordingly.


It is important to dry the fur after bathing to prevent dust from getting stuck to the hair. It also helps to reduce the chances of any skin infection as bacteria like a moist environment to grow.

Your dog’s coat, especially those with medium to long coats, can remain wet and damp for hours if not dried properly, and this can lead to some skin-related severe issues and, ultimately, hair fall.

Wipe with a wet cloth regularly

Unlike bathing, wiping every alternate day or once a week can help to maintain the freshness of the coat and removes everyday dirt that can get collected on top of the fur, which otherwise would seep inside and cause dandruff overtime.

I have a Labrador who always had issues with his skin that resulted in severe hair fall until I came across an article that helped me to find a fix.

The solution is quite cheap and straightforward; all you need is a bottle of Provide Iodine 10% solution and hot water. Mix 1 capful of Provide Iodine 10% solution in 500ml of warm water and use this with a clean cloth to wipe the entire body of your dog, and I can guarantee you that within a week, you will see the difference in case you have an itchy dog.

Vitamins and supplements

There can be various reasons behind shedding; one of them can be a vitamin deficiency. Supplements like omega 6 and omega 3 can help control dog shedding from inside out.

These vitamins and supplements can not only help control shedding, but it can also improve the immunity power of your dog. Adding these supplements in your pooch’s regular diet, especially if you are feeding veg food, can suffice any vitamin deficiency and ensure a proper diet, thereby keeping your furry friend away from any illness.

It would be a good idea to consult your vet and find out what all supplements would be best for your dog.

Exercise relieves stress

You might wonder how exercise can control dog shedding?

Exercise has both a direct and indirect effect on the hair fall. Understand that what you see outside is a reflection of what is going on inside. Being healthy inside out is essential; a healthy dog would not fall sick, catch infection frequently.

Besides all these, stress also plays a significant role when it comes to hair fall. Daily exercising can help to reduce stress, which can control dog shedding to a great extent.


Is your dog drinking plenty of water?

Water plays an essential role in the overall functionality of the body. It regulates body temperature, helps to flush toxins from the blood, improves digestion, and has various other benefits. If your dog is not drinking plenty of water, then this can also be contributing towards shedding.

You can increase the intake of the water by adding some water to the food, making some buttermilk, making soup of some delicious veggies or meat having a lot of water content.

Your pooch must have access to drinking water all the time.

Hot temperature

Dogs, especially those with medium and long coats, tend to shed when exposed to a warm environment to cool down the body temperature.

So, if you have a dog with medium or long coats, then try to keep them in a cool airconditioned environment.


Vacuuming your dog can help you a long way to control dog shedding, but it can freak your furry friend. It will not only suck loose strands of hair, but it can also suck away all those minute dust particles and dandruff, giving your pooch’s skin some air to breathe.

Thus, regular vacuuming has a lot of benefits, but make sure not to go full frontal with vacuuming if your dog is not used to it; otherwise, you will freak out your furry friend.

Dog grooming products

There are a lot of dog grooming products like FURminator out there who claims to control dog shedding by up to 90%, I do not agree with them completely, but it does help to reduce shedding to some extent. You can try these products and see if it works for you.

You can also use your old t-shirt during the winter season to give your pooch some warmth, and this will also prevent your furry friend from growing thick hair during winters, thereby reducing the shedding during the summer season. It will also help you in your efforts to keep your house clean from all those doggy hairs getting stuck to your furniture.

A proper diet, along with good grooming habits, can help you control dog shedding to a great extent. However, it is important to understand that shedding in dogs is reasonable to a degree; the amount of shedding varies from one breed to another. For instance, Huskies tend to shed a lot, whereas Shih Tzu has low shedding.

If you are someone who is planning to get a dog, don’t let hair fall come in your way because it is not a big issue. You can have a look at my article on What to know before getting a dog?


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