Panic attacks in dogs-after effects of coronavirus

Panic attack in dogs

We all know how Coronavirus has impacted our life. Social distancing, quarantine is the new norm that we all are dealing with. While this has affected most of our lives negatively, it is undoubtedly a dream come true for your lovely four-legged companion. Dogs are getting to spend more time with their owners and are being overwhelmed with love and affection. They are becoming more depended. This dependency and overwhelming love can have some negative impacts on your dog once the virus gets contained, and people begin to resume their daily routines. Dogs can suffer from some severe panic attacks because of this sudden change in their lives.
There are various experts all over the internet, speaking about the cases of separation anxiety in dogs can increase multifold if corrective actions are not taken by their pet parent anytime sooner.
You need to understand the complications that your pet might have once everything gets normal. You may move on and get busy with your daily routines, but your dog will be hit hard mentally. The sudden act of separation and loneliness might haunt your dog and may lead to acute separation anxiety.
Once your dog starts to panic out of separation anxiety, it may show various undesirable behavioural issues like chewing up the sofa, destroying things in your house, constant crying and barking, etc.
You can avoid this by taking corrective actions from today itself. Stop nurturing this dependency and don’t overwhelm your dog with love and affection, I know it is tough, but it is the only way.
You can start separation training by leaving your dog alone for some time and see if the dog stays calm then reward this behaviour with a treat. You can slowly increase the time your dog spends alone this way; it will become independent and won’t have any trust issues.
By doing this simple exercise, you can save your dog from panic attacks once you get back to the regular routine.
I wish you and your family a safe and happy time.


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