Things to buy for a new puppy-checklist

Things to buy for anew puppy

Congrats on your decision to get a new furry friend home. Getting a dog is an exciting moment for all of us, and it’s quite apparent that you might overlook on few important things because of the excitement. Preparing yourself in advance before getting the new puppy home can save you from a lot of headaches and ensure that you and your furry friend have a smooth transition. So, here are a few things that you should buy for a new puppy.

Before moving ahead with the discussion, I want you to keep a few things in mind regarding the checklist. When you get a dog, during the initial few days, you should continue feeding your dog the same food that the breeder was feeding the dog, and in this way, the transition for the dog won’t be rough. Moreover, things like collar and bowl depends on the size of the dog that you are getting.

So, once you are sure about your new furry friend, here is a list of things to buy for a new puppy:


Your little mischievous furball wouldn’t stay at a single place because the world is new to it, and it’s exploring everything, and this demands a lot of energy to be spent. The best way to recharge your little pup is by providing him/her with proper nutrition and sleep. Diet plays a vital role in the overall growth of your furry friend, especially during its initial 12 months because that is when your puppy is growing at a very rapid pace.

Getting a good quality dog food should be of utmost priority among the things that you should buy for a new puppy.

When you initially get the dog, make sure to continue the same food that the breeder was feeding and slowly move it to better and good quality dog food. This way, the transition for the dog will go smoothly.

Also, I would like to mention from one of my experiences that it’s good to buy a small pack of the dog food that you are planning to feed your new pup and see if the puppy can digest it without any issues only then buy a more substantial feed. 


A good bowl is perhaps one of the most important things that you should buy for a new puppy. Bowls are also a part of the training tool for your new puppy. There are various types of bowls that you can buy for your furry four-legged friend. I would suggest you purchase stainless-steel bowls because it is durable, easy to clean, and are less prone to bacteria contamination. Plastic bowls are cheap, but with time it degrades and gets damaged due to scratches and cannot be adequately cleaned, thereby leading to bacteria growth.

Buy two separate bowls, one for food and another for water. You can buy various types of fancy bowls online, but in my personal opinion, you should only go with a plain and simple stainless-steel bowl as that ultimately serves the purpose.

Collar & Leash

The first thing that you will have to buy for your new puppy is a collar and a leash. Remember that your puppy is going to get bigger and bigger every day during the first year unless it’s a poodle or a similar kind of breed. So, get an adjustable collar, which you can use for a longer time. While getting a collar, make sure that the collar isn’t too tight, and you can put two fingers easily after placing the collar.

Make sure the collar that you are getting for your pup is a stronger one because there may be situations where your four-legged friend might end up in a doggy fight kind of situation, and the only thing that you could grip on to pull him back would be a collar. Also, make sure that the collar is comfortable and straightforward for your puppy to wear and get used to it.

Getting a proper leash is as important as getting a collar as the leash would act as one of the essential training tools. Training your dog for a walk is very important. Leash plays an indispensable role in this process. Ideally, a puppy should be trained on a short leash initially and should be moved to a longer leash eventually.

ID Tag/microchip

There can be situations where your dog might find some escape routes and get lost. An ID tag can help during situations like this, thereby increasing the chances to find back your pup.

An ID tag is a small flat tag that goes onto the collar wrapped around the dog’s neck. It has pieces of information like the name and number of the pet parent, which can be used by the rescuer to identify the owner in case the dog gets lost.

A more secure and advanced way to identify a dog is through a microchip. Microchipping is a technique through which a vet places a small grain-sized chip containing information about the pet owner between the shoulder blades of a dog. This way, the data is stored is more secure.

I would strongly suggest microchipping your pet along with an ID tag.

Dog crate

Getting a crate for your dog can help you to house train your dog. Crates come in various shapes and sizes. My suggestion would be to get a stainless-steel foldable crate that will last you for a lifetime.

While getting a crate for your dog, make sure that the dog can easily stand and lay down inside the crate. The crate need not be huge for your dog to roam around but should be sufficient enough for him to lie and stretch. Dogs prefer close and cozy space.

You can also buy baby gates or a playpen to keep your dog in a confined space in case you are going out or having a nap without wanting to worry about whereabouts of your little monster.

So, in my view, a crate is something that you should include in your checklist.


When your puppy comes home for the first time, it will be stressed and have a lot of anxiety. A warm comfy bed would make a whole new world of difference for your fluff.

Think before buying the most luxurious bed for your dog because they have sharp teeth, and they like chewing anything and everything that comes in their way. So, it would be rational to get a dog bed that just serves the purpose because the chances of your new pup spoiling the bed are very high.

You can also use old clothes or blankets to make a warm comfy bed for your new companion and save a few bucks later on to buy a full-sized luxurious bed for your trained dog.

You can find a lot of tutorials on how to make a DIY bed for your furry friend online, and one such example is 

Grooming kit

Grooming your dog is very important for various reasons like hygiene, health, shedding, etc. Making a dog comfortable around the grooming kit can be a task for any pet parent, but if you start your grooming routine early, then it would be a breeze to groom your dog.

Grooming your pet right from day one can save you a lot of time later. When it comes to a grooming kit, there are few things to buy for a new puppy which are-

  1. Shampoo
  2. Canine toothpaste and toothbrush
  3. Nail clippers
  4. Brush or a comb
  5. Ear cleaner
  6. Some wipes
  7. Flea treatment

The items mentioned above are necessary grooming items that all the pet parents should have, in my opinion. You can feel free to add more to it, but make sure to keep it as minimal as possible because pet products are expensive, so buy only those products which you are confident that you will use before the product reaches its expiry date.

Non-toxic cleaner and Odor remover

A puppy doesn’t know house rules and regulations and needs to be house trained for that purpose. During the process, there may be situations where your puppy might poop or pee near your couch, on your bed, or somewhere near the veranda. A non-toxic cleaner and an odor remover can come handy during those situations.

Dogs tend to pee at the same place where they peed before, so if your puppy mistakenly peed near your couch before and you didn’t remove the odor, then there are good chances that he/she might pee again at the same place. Also, your guests and family friends might get a little too overwhelmed by the doggy odor.

So, it’s a good idea to buy a cleaner and an odor remover for your new puppy to avoid such situations.

Poop scoop and poop bags

Unlike we humans have a toilet to take care of our natures call, your furry friend tends to believe that any leveled space makes it an appropriate pooping spot.

Now think of it this way, you take your dog out for a walk in a clean, beautiful park where there are a lot of joggers, and suddenly your dog decides to take a poop right in the middle of the jogging trail. A poop bag would come handy in situations like those and save you from being stopped entering the park again and avoid any kind of disgusted stares from people passing by.

There are a variety of poop bags and poop scoops available, but they all tend to do the same thing, i.e., collect poop!

Getting a biodegradable poop bag would be a more environmentally friendly purchase.

Variety of toys

A puppy is an energy-filled little furry monster. Toys give your pup a gateway to spending its energy in a more happy, healthy, and productive way.

There are a variety of toys available in the market. Toys like Kong are specially made for biting and would help your puppy during the teething phase. There are fetch training toys that make a funny sound, and then there are some treat-dispensing toys that require your furry friend to do some mental tasks to get the treat out of it.

Getting a mix of all these toys would be a good option. It will not only keep your furry friend busy, but it will also make your pup smarter and brighter. Toys are also a great way to bribe your pooch if it does something appreciable.

Below are the few of my favorites-

  1. Kong toy
  2. Rope
  3. Ball
  4. Frisbee
  5. Treat dispenser
  6. Laser light

The list for a dog toy can go on and on, but I would suggest you buy a few toys of all kinds and then see which is the one that your pup likes the most.


Treats are a great way to appreciate your dog when he has done something right. It could be following your command like “sit” or a “handshake,” not peeing on your bed or just a random thank you snack to tell your pup how much you love him.

Don’t feed treats like dog food; instead, give it in small quantities when your pooch does something right. There are various types of treats available for you to buy. You can also make some healthy and tasty homemade treats for your furry friend and save a few bucks.

You can do a quick search on the internet about some homemade treats and find a list of treats that you can make right away from your grocery items. Some examples of homemade treats are carrot, watermelon, etc.

Please be careful while feeding your pup something out of your refrigerator, because there are a lot of things that are toxic to dogs like chocolates.

Treats are a great way to train your dog, so make sure to use it wisely. I taught my Labrador to search on command by hiding treats. This way, he worked upon his sniffing instinct and earned his treat by finding them, thereby appreciating the value of a treat. So, don’t forget to buy treats for your new puppy.

Bitter apple spray

How can I forget to include a bitter apple spray among the things to buy for a new puppy?

Puppies like to take everything in their mouth, and at times that may be a big problem for any pet parent. For example, if your pup injured its leg and there is a wound, licking it would stop the healing process, using bitter spray around it would discourage the puppy from licking it because of the bad taste and eventually promoting healing.

You can also use bitter spray around the corners of your sofa or any other abject which your puppy tries to chew upon during the teething phase.

First aid kit

Emergencies don’t knock your door before striking, and it can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. Your furry friend can be crazy at times, and this craziness can have some severe consequences. It’s always good to be prepared and proactive rather than being reactive in case of any emergency. Just like we have a first aid kit for ourselves, in the same way, it is crucial to have a first aid kid for your dog as well.

A lot of new pet parents have this misconception that human first aid kit is sufficient for dogs as well, but it’s essential to understand that dogs are different from us, and what works for us won’t work for them; instead, it can lead to more severe problem.

Since puppies are very excited and energetic, it’s entirely possible that they can do something which can hurt them, so you must have a medical kit carrying all the essentials required for your dog.

Here are a few essential things that you should include in your canine first aid kit-

  1. Medical records: This is a crucial document that contains all the files relating to the vaccination, deworming schedule, and any past medical records about illness and medications. It should also have emergency contact details of your vet and nearby rescue center.
  2. Antibiotic and Fungal Ointment: A dog can easily hurt itself and get bruised; these minor cuts can quickly get an infection and lead to some severe problems if not treated early. Having an antibiotic with you all the time can prevent any such situations. A dog can also have a fungal infection near paw or places which are always in contact with water. An anti-fungal lotion can come handy in those situations.
  3. Betadine solution: This is something that you should have in your canine first aid kit to clean any kind of wound.
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide: This is perhaps a must to keep in your medical kit. Based on my experience, I believe it is something that can be the difference between life and death. I want to share my experience with Dexter, who ate rat poison from my neighbor’s garden. At that time, I wasn’t knowing what to do since Dexter was looking drowsy. I took him to a vet who, without wasting any time, induced vomiting by giving him Hydrogen Peroxide. What if something like this happens during midnight or at a place where there are no vets available?
  5. Digital thermometer: In case you want to do a quick check on your dog’s temperature.
  6. Gauze, medical tape and scissor: Just like we have these in our medical kit, it’s essential to have these in a canine medical kit as well.
  7. Rubber gloves: In case of deep oozing wound, a rubberized glove would come handy and help you to dress the wound appropriately and avoid any contact with the bodily fluid.
  8. Medications: Even though I know, but I would prefer not to say the names of any medicines because I am not a certified vet, but I can tell you what kind of medications you should have in your canine medical kit. Medications for diarrhea, vomiting, cough, painkiller, antibiotic, eye, and ear drop are something that you should have. So, visit your vet and ask him to prescribe a few medications for the same.
  9. Treats: A small pouch of treat can help a lot to calm your dog in stressful situations.
  10. Flashlight: A flashlight would come handy in various kinds of situations.
  11. A first aid guide: It’s good to have a hard copy of a first aid guide included in your canine medical kit. There are a lot of first aid guides available for dogs on the internet for you to download.

The first aid kit is only for emergency purposes. So, always seek professional veterinary treatment whenever your dog gets hurt or sick.

Thus, these are the things to buy for a new puppy. In case you think I have missed anything, then please let me know in the comment section below.


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