why does my dog stand on me?

Dogs are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of God, and I can’t imagine my life without them. For centuries humans have domesticated dogs. This domestication of dogs has resulted in the evolution of their behavior to understand and communicate with humans more efficiently. However, still, certain wild traits are dominant, and these traits are more familiar with non-domestic siblings like wolves, fox, coyotes, etc. Some of us might have noticed our dogs trying to stand on us while we are sleeping or lying down, and it is not uncommon, even I used to wonder, “why does my dog stand on me ?” when I got my first dog. There can be multiple reasons behind this behavior, so let us try to find out what exactly it means. Your furry friend is trying to say something!

Your furry friend is trying to say something!

So Why does my dog stand on me?

As discussed earlier that there can be multiple reasons behind this behavior like:

  1. Dogs are playful, and attention seeker- One of the reasons behind the domestication of dogs is their friendliness and attention towards humans. Just like us, dogs are also social animals and prefer staying in a pack. The channel of communication between our furry friends and us is unique and dynamic. We tend to communicate with dogs by using a mix of sign languages, commands, energy, and whatnot. A dog expresses his feelings to us through various body languages like, for instance, a happy dog would jump, wag, and lick while an angry dog would growl and show his teeth. Some of the reasons behind your question “why my dog stands on me?” could be that he is trying to grab your attention regarding something, or it could be that he wants to play with you and spend some time with you. It can also mean that your dog is trying to be compassionate.
  2. Dominance- Another reason behind “why my dog stans on me?” can be dominance. Even after this evolution since domestication, dogs might have those dominance pack behavior, and that can result in some supremacy. Dogs used to show dominance among packs to be the Alpha male to get special status granting them exclusive rights like getting to eat first, mating, etc. Before domestication, dominance and aggression was an essential trait for survival in the wild.
  3. Other reasons- There can be different reasons behind your dog standing on you like fear, separation anxiety, etc. You can check if something is triggering this kind of behavior like, for instance, my dog always sits on me whenever there is a loud noise from a firecracker. So I know it is not a dominant behavior.

When should you be worried?

As discussed earlier, there can be different reasons behind “why my dog stands on me?” question. You should be worried only when you feel that this behavior showed up all of a sudden or if it is causing any inconvenience or threat to your family. 

Ask yourself if your dog standing on you makes you feel vulnerable or any discomfort. Trust your instincts and don’t just get carried away from what you see on the internet. If you think that the dog is gentle while standing on you and he is just trying to play with you, then you should not be worried about this behavior. In contrast, on the other side, if you feel that the dog is rude, aggressive, and dominant, then you should address this behavioral issue right away.

How can you fix it?

There can multiple ways to address “why does my dog stand on me” question, but all of them have one prerequisite for the dog owner, i.e., relaxed and calm attitude. While addressing this behavioral issue, you should not be aggressive with your dog because being doing so would make the situation worse than any better, and you might end up with a more aggressive dog. Your dog might become defensive and feel that it is ok doing that; this might also increase his stress and anxiety levels. So, make sure always to be cool, calm, and composite while dealing with any behavioral issues.

There are various ways through which you can get rid of this behavior. You can try positive reinforcement techniques through which you can nurture good habits. You can also reach out to an animal behaviorist. Speaking about this with your vet can also help you to rule out any health-related issues that your pooch might be suffering, which he is trying to communicate with you. 

The most important takeaway for you from this discussion on “why does my dog stand on me?” is that you should never lose your temper and always deal with situations like this with a relaxed and calm attitude. I am sure that there is no problem in this world that you cannot solve.

I hope I was able to answer, “why does my dog stand on me?” question. Please let me know in the comment section below for anything, and I will be happy to help.

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